Friday, June 17, 2011


Ma wee bairn is wan! This day has come upon us so quickly. Little Joa is 1 whole year old today. Oh what a year it has been and what a joy this little one is. He is a blessing, he is so jolly and funny and sweet. He has amazing curls, says 'cat', he screams very loudly if Benny tries to take his toys away. He loves being outside, he loves playing instruments and listening to sounds. He is left hand dominant at the moment and is just a big bundle of squidgey yumminess!

A pile of presents on the birthday table

a special 'Happy Birthday' banner made with the help of 2 very special friends.

I finished Joa's cardi...

The wool is from my big stash. I actually knitted it from a pattern. I like it a lot and think I'll be making more of these.

I love the simplicity of the buttons :-)

Rebe wanted to make something for Joa too, so I helped her make these bean bags. She is so clever at deciding what to make and knowing how to make things. They have been played with all morning!

mmmm....maybe a jigsaw?

The older two also got un-birthday presents...

some VERY popular wind up snails

vegetable choppers, so they can really help make dinner properly

We had a real tea party when Rebe got home from school with crisps and sausage rolls and egg sandwiches.

And now we are just waiting for this little birthday boy to wake up from his nap so we can cut his cake...

yummy! carrot cake with chocolate buttons.

Happy Birthday my dear dear little boy xxx x

(on a wee excited side note I have just booked up my first yoga class for next wednesday whoop whoop)


  1. oh carrot cake..... oh the been bags (I recognise the fabric of one of them that I must have passed to you), oh the sweetness, oh would so love to see you all. Hope you got my cards. Love you all. xxxx

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to you both! I remember last year at this time, anticipating his arrival, and waiting for Ezri too!
    Wonderful pictures- I love the cardi!

  3. Laura, What a special day not to mention your wee ones pile of goodies.

    The bday cake looks so yummy.

    Your smiling face holding the birthday boy says it all. I am so glad that you are posting pictures of you too. I am finding I tend to be not present in pictures.

  4. Happy birthday sweet Joa! (oh, he is so cute!) That cardi is beautiful. Looks like a wonderful celebration for a sweet little guy!

  5. Thank you all for your birthday wishes :-)
    Amy: yes the green fabric, I think it was from a pirate bandana C wore to Rebe's 4th birthday. About 1 meter square but used in so many wee projects :-) Hope to chat to you soon x
    Melanie, gosh I know it was such a long wait!
    Elizabeth: I try to be conscious of getting some pictures of myself. We have almost none of my mum when we were kids for the same reason, she was always behind the camera.
    hugs x

  6. Happy birthday, baby Joa! I think I found your blog just before Joa was born and my little guy was born around then, too. It's fun watching the group of blog babies I stumbled across growing up. I LOVE the cardi - I haven't knit anything for my boy, yet. I think you have inspired me!