Thursday, November 3, 2011

from deepest, darkest peru

Yesterday we got a wee parcel in the post from Bubs. It had in it some yummy Halloween treats for the kids and a collection of audio stories that she had very kindly collected from the Guardian newspaper.

In the evening Rebe chose to listen to Paddington. During her quiet time I was working away on a doll in my room when she came knocking on the door in search of some red fabric, some yellow fabric and a needle and thread. I found what she needed and thread the needle for her and she went off to her room. This is what she was doing:

She transformed an old, battered up Teddy given to her by a neighbour into Paddington.

With his red hat, his blue coat and his 'Please look after this bear' lable.

His coat (a little jacket made for Rebe by my mum when she was a newborn) was even upcycled with yellow dashes on it, just like in the picture on the cd cover. This morning after breakfast she made him his jar of marmalade.

Oh how I love this girl for her imagination, her creativity and her sheer wonderfulness :-)


  1. How wonderful! Paddington happens to be my favorite bear, when my children were babies, their nursery was Paddington Bear themed. How cute that she made her own Paddington, love how creative she is, he turned out great! Love the jar of marmalade!!

  2. How lovely what a clever little girl you have! X

  3. How wonderful!! I had a stuffed Paddington bear as a child and he was my favorite. He was very well loved!