Thursday, November 10, 2011

a pin cushion, tea bags and getting lost

I want to show you all Rebe's latest creations. She made them out of felt in her quiet time without any help what-so-ever; a pin cushion for me for when I'm making my dolls.

a couple of tea bags for the play kitchen complete with tags :-)

and a little snowman.

We had a lovely day today, we did some house work in the morning and then ate our own weight in scones and popcorn at playgroup. When we got home we rearranged the playroom and swapped around some toys.

Bringing out toys that have been hidden in the cupboard always invites such lovely play :-)

As the weather was pretty mild we decided to go out and 'get lost'. Rebe loves the thrill of this, going along untrodden paths, finding things and making discoveries.

Into the woods we went, there are barely any leaves left on the trees.

We went looking for faries, or any evidence of them. We didn't find much, only a beech nut (?!?!), but we did discover this:

A wire fence swalled up by a tree. This is so facinating and it reminds us of how non-premanent we people are in this world and that anything we make and do can be swallowed up by nature. I think it takes us down a peg or two, makes us realised that actually we are not all powerful. And also that although we are oh so destructive that mother nature will heal herself in time.

And then Benny made an amazing discovery. Look, there, do you see it in the tree?

An old abandoned tree house!

The kids tried to figure out how to get up there, but they just couldn't. So they wrote down all the evidence resolving to think about it long and hard and if need be ask daddy what to do and how to get up there.

Rebe also wrote a bit of a map so that we can easily find our way to this lost place again.

It's near this incredible tree, that turned out to be hollow!

We have great plans for this weekend!

(including a bit more rainbow knitting I hope).

hugs x


  1. Aww Rebe's felt creations are great. She's got your creativity gene!

  2. rebe is something else isn't she, I'd say a good 40% of the toys in our house are made by Rebe :-) thanks for the comment x