Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buddies ~ halloween party

Today we had our Buddies Home School halloween party. We arrived a little late after trying to get everyone into their costumes... the piece of ham,

the witch,

and the cat.
We arrived at Susan's house to find it merrily decorated with lots of halloween things.

We added the pumpkins we had painted at our last session that I had strung up as a garlandand we placed our funny little paper mache pumpkin next to the real one.We sang the ghosts song that we practiced last week and then played some party games. For 'guess the ghost' we sent one family at a time out of the room. We then covered one or two of the children left in the room with a white sheet. When the family returned they had to guess who the ghost was.

We did bobbing for apples, the older kids put their faces in while the younger ones dropped forks hoping to spear one of the apples bobbing in the bowl of water. We also dangled some chocolate fingers from string which the kids had to eat without using their hands, that was a lot of fun.

When we had finished the games Zoe did some baking with us. We made gingerbread men. Zoe had pre weighed out all of the ingredients which was so handy. The kids added what they needed to their bowls and worked it into a dough:

When the dough was ready we rolled it out and cut out shapes.

We decorated them with raisins and popped them into the oven where they baked whilst the kids were having their snack.

They played outside until the smell of baked gingerbread lured them back inside for a nibble and a story.

Amanda read 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson which was a very fitting end to a wonderful party :-)

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