Saturday, February 25, 2012

chocolate fish tutorial

One of Andy's great loves is fishing and so most presents we make for him are either fishing or gardening related ...he also loves chocolate, so Rebe and I dreamed up a way of combining the two... Chocolate fish!

On greaseproof paper (baking parchment) draw out simple fish shapes.

melt a large bar and a half of white chocolate in a bain marie.

carefully spoon the chocolate into the shapes on the paper, keeping within the lines as best you can.

Put one end of a length of string (about a foot long) where the mouth of your fish would be and put a plop more melted chocolate on top to seal it.

now for the hard part....
get your helpers to break up chocolate buttons into halves and quarters...without eating them all!!!
Smarties for eyes and pieces of buttons for scales. Make sure that they don't press them too hard into the chocolate! Then put away up high (out of reach) for a night until they have set.

When the fish are completely set carefully peal them from the parchment and tie the other end of their line to a small twig. I displayed ours in a jug weighted with a bag of lentils to stop them from toppling over.

I can't tell you how much these were loved! We played and played with them, shrieking with glee at having caught one, nibbling pieces and then catching another from under the table.

We will definitely be making them again :-)


  1. Such a great idea. It's the Mister's birthday coming up and I'm wondering how I could make him something like this - and wondering what shape it should take. He's a physicist so science jokes are always funny around here. Chocolate Pi? Chocolate binary code? Hardy har har, eh?

    1. Hi Mel, I'm sure you could have a lot of fun? How about the molecules that make him up,carbon, H2O etc made with smarties? You'll have to met me know if you do it :-) I am working away on the girls dolls this weekend, so much fun :-) x x

  2. Oh Rebe and I are kindred spirits for sure. I also love chocolate! What a neat idea :) And it is perfect for Lent.

  3. Brilliant! Have to give this a try- my kids would be so excited!