Sunday, February 19, 2012

spring weekend

I declare spring to be here. I'm tired of waiting until March, and so I am declaring spring now open! The weather here is mild, blue skies, gentle breezes. Daffs are flowering, the trees are in buds. The birds are also declaring spring to be here. Yesterday was so beautiful I felt we just couldn't keep our nature table a winter scene for a moment longer so I asked Rebe to change it for us. Isn't it lovely? It has already been added to with twigs with buds on and leaves. I'm looking forward to watching it evolve and change this season.

Rebe and I did my walk together yesterday. We brought back bunches of fresh, juicy dandelions for the Guinea pigs.

and sweet, new nettle tops for tea.

The last few days have also been much easier and lighter for all of us. Sleep has returned to our house and with it comes energy, joy, enthusiasm and lots and lots of imagination...

Rebe made this really cool rodeo from Lego. The Lego man has lassoed a fierce bull. This rodeo scene sparked off a whole morning of an elaborate cowboy game.

They made a circle of covered wagons

very cosy each one

there was a camp fire in the middle with a kettle merrily boiling away

I was the store keeper in the kitchen (store keepers do lots of knitting)

Cowboy Rebe bought all the play food I had for this 7 dollar bill.

Cowboy Benny came riding past and showed me the lunch bag he had packed.

But we couldn't spend all morning inside playing, the blue sky was beckoning us to come out. Andy suggested we go and drop a lobster pot he found down the side of the pier and see if we catch anything. We loaded up the wagon and set off.
We baited the pot with some mackerel fillets and dropped it over the side.
We whiled away half an hour playing eye spy...Benny still hasn't quite got the hang of it, but that makes it very funny.

We pulled up the pot but all we caught was this wee tiny crab...

So we decided to drop it back in and come home for lunch, we'll go and check it again later this afternoon.
We had a small play on the beach on the way home,

and now we are quietly resting. I wonder if there will be anything in the pot?

Hope you have also had a lovely, quiet and peaceful weekend
hugs x


  1. It had felt like Spring here for a while which is really quite unusual. February is usually a really cold month for us but we have been outside a lot and we haven't built one snowman this year! I won't say that Spring is here yet though - I know we will get more snowstorms. Even when Spring does come (officially) that doesn't mean Spring has arrived in our city - we are too far north.


  2. Wow, I love the cowboy games! We keep getting snow flurries here after a brief glimpse of spring a few weeks back. Hopefully not too far away now though ;). Enjoy your spring whilst it lasts!

  3. I spy one of my quilts keeping the settlers warm! The American Museum in Bath is a good place to go - if you come Parental visiting. There is even a wigwam.

    1. you do indeed! they are used daily in games and each child knows their own quilt and they defend them fiercely! My mum has been there a few time and says it is fab, great idea when I eventually come over next x x