Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Andy

Yesterday was Andy's birthday and we celebrated as we always do with thoughtfulness, joy and simplicity. Home made cards

The children were so excited to give him the cards and gifts that they had made. Benny did the whole squeaking out what was in the gift before Andy even had a chance to unwrap it, it was very sweet.

Benny and Joa gave him the tea light holders that they had painted at Buddies a few weeks ago.

Rebe gave him a felt folder to keep all his packets of seeds in.

I gave him a very stylish hat that he had been hankering after, and my mum gave him this lovely shirt.
We mooched around at home in the morning while Rebe was at school and then went to the garden centre to pick some seeds and have a coffee.

For dinner we had a proper birthday tea with little sausages and pizza, chocolate fish and

carob brownie and ice cream.

He had a very happy day and I hope that he will have a very happy year :-)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Andy! Looks like a very special day. My kids still do that too and blurt out what's in the gift before it is unwrapped - literally bursting with pride and love!!

    1. Hi Lou! It was a lovely day thank you so much! There is something so special about the kids giving, it is more important than receiving I think, so exciting and lovely :-) x x

  2. Aww looks like a lovely day for him and what beautiful gifts from the kids :)

  3. Happy Birthday Andy! Love that package for seeds! Great idea!