Sunday, April 22, 2012

filling the weekend

This weekend we were supposed to be welcoming a childhood friend of mine and her son to stay for a week long visit. Sadly her little boy got sick at the last moment and had to cancel (or rather postpone...I just heard as I write this that she's coming tomorrow!) So, we have had to fill our weekend doing other things: 
 we walked in the woods
 loving the purple of the bluebells
 peace and fresh air

 a small bit of dressing up.

I also have been crafting. I'm working on a very special doll for a very special person right now, but I can't show it to you until late May because I don't want to spoil the surprise...

But I will share these...
 Library bags :-)
 We are really enjoying visiting our local library at the moment and the kids have been asking for special library bags. I made these for them complete with pockets to hold their library cards (oh they are so proud to have the responsibility of their own cards!)

 I have also been thinking about teaching doll making online some how. I am going to have a trial run and show how to make a doll like this using these things:
I am going to have a free craft along for 15 people through my Facebook Under Rainbows pop over and Like me if you haven't yet.
Hope you are having a good I'm off to prepare for my friend arriving tomorrow after all :-)


  1. Oh the craft along thing sounds fabulous, and I would love to learn how to make a doll. I've kept a lot of both of my childrens clothing to use for making bits and pieces. Beautiful bags too :)

    1. Hi SK, thanks so much :-) do pop over to my facebook page and put your name down if you fancy having a go :-) x x

  2. What a great idea, love the library card pocket!

    1. Hi Heidi, thanks so much, yes the pocket is a huge feature for the kids..oh the responsibility :-)

  3. Beatiful outside pictures! I would love to learn how to make a dolly but at 30 weeks pregnant not sure I have the time or energy LOL

    I found you via Frontier Dreams' KCCO. This is my project of the week:

    1. Hi Hannah, perhaps you can learn when this wee one is earthside :-) I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy :-) thanks for commenting :-) Lx