Thursday, April 19, 2012

potions: pretend and real

An activity that my kids love to do and beg for all the time is something they call 'potions'. I give them (when Joa is not around) some bowls and spoons and various non-toxic things to mix into potions. I keep it cheap using things like water coloured with food colouring, washing up liquid and vinegar and bicarb of soda to get a proper experiment fizz.

They love this, and would spend hours at it: mixing and watching things change, colour texture, smell.

However, I did find my utility room stank like a chip shop this morning as I had just thrown all our vinegar-soaked wipe up cloths in a pile in there...oh well, never mind.

Today we made a real potion. Rebe has had a wee cough for the past couple of days so we are trying out a cough remedy recipe, and the main ingredients is:

daisies :-)

We followed the instructions given in a wonderful article in JUNO this Spring edition:carefully mixing together daisy-infused water, sugar and a few spices to make this 'Dasy cof mensun'.

I'll let you know if it works :-)

Our experimenting hasn't stopped there today. Look what we tried out making for tea: Lorry egg on toast :-)

Yummy...Joa was delighted with his 'lo lo' dinner!

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  1. Oh dear, my children also love brewing concoctions! It is so tactile in every way! I love Benny's little "angel" face!
    I am so interested in that daisy cough remedy- we have had coughs for several weeks now.
    And the lorry toast is perfect.