Friday, April 20, 2012

Waldorf doll class

Today I am so proud. 
Today I helped a mama make her son a Waldorf doll for his first Birthday present.
Bronwen arrived this morning with her son, mum and 4 of her brothers and sisters. We spent a really wonderful day chatting, eating cake and soup, the kids played and went for a walk in the woods and us mama's worked our socks off:

Bronwen had never made a Waldorf doll before and described her ability level as 'beginner, but lucky'. It was so great to watch the doll take shape in her hands.

 As soon as the skin was over the head you could really see that she was making the doll in the image of her son. I have been thinking of this since and I think it is because of this: while Bronwen was making her doll, she was looking for the perfect proportions, shape and positioning of the features...and of course to Bronwen the image of perfection is her son. So it is only natural that the doll she made looked like her son, the image of perfection to her.
 What was even more special was how completely drawn Jonah was to his doll. Before the doll even had hair or a body he loved it! He was kissing and cooing to it and all our hearts just melted!
 We had a break for lunch with 12 of us around the table. It was a lovely meal and refuelled us for the afternoon. The kids all went off for walks or to bed for a nap and granny knitted the doll his wig while Bronwen sewed the body and head together, before finally stitching his wig to his head and blushing his cheeks with a little red wax.
And here he is:

 Isn't he completely wonderful!! Bursting with joy and fun and enthusiasm and above all love!
 We didn't have time to make him any clothes, but he borrowed some from our doll's dressing up box.
 He's called Arthur and I just know he is going to be loved and become part of the family as much as his uncle's doll Finnian. (Finnian- the doll on the left- was one of the very first dolls I made a little over a year ago, and as you can see he is very well loved!)

 We all felt a wonderful sense of achievement in the end, I only wish I'd had a bottle of bubbly to crack open, it was one of those kinds of occasions :-)
I know that these two are going to be very firm friends :-)


  1. What a lucky little boy! Its a gorgeous doll and I bet its going to be very well loved xx

    1. I think so too Liz, she did such a wonderful job :-) x

  2. How wonderful to be able to facilitate someone else to make a doll that will be cherished so much. I bet that was a really special day for everyone involved.

  3. Hi claire, it was! we all flet giddy afterwards and as if we had just gone through a birth lol! x

  4. It was a very special day and I was a bit surprised at how emotional it was when the doll was taking on it's shape/personality :-)