Tuesday, April 3, 2012

rediscovering drawing

We are having an at home day today. This morning after breakfast Rebe said she wanted me to sit and draw with her. I put the washing up, tidying, hoovering at the back of my mind (not that hard to do) and sat down to draw.
Och it's been ages since I have just drawn, just for fun, the way the kids do. So, Rebe and I sat down with a blank piece of paper each, some bright colours and our imagination. I started to draw a cowboy and it turned into such a wonderful game. A cowgirl came next and I really enjoyed thinking up with the kids what to add next. We backed the drawings with card and cut them out so that they could be played with.

I made wool lasso's for them and each a camp with a bed, loo roll and cooking pot

This is Joa the snotty cowbaby.

It really was fun and we filled the whole morning with just being together and drawing.

I'm glad I rediscovered drawing today :-)


  1. what a wonderful morning you had...love the 'snotty cowboy' :)

  2. What a great morning!! I would love it if you would share at our Happy Family Times link party at http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2012/04/happy-family-times-2.html. We are hoping to inspire more family times for all of us. Thank you!