Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sunlight and rainstorms

early morning painting
'painting' the house with water: a favourite activity
chalk drawing competition

home grown salad
Rebe's apple and cumin pie (yes she mis-read the cinnamon packet and yes it did taste quite odd!)
This summer has been filled with amazing, beautiful dazzling sunlight. Moments of pure joy, laughter, happiness and contentment. 
There have also been rainstorms.
 Dark clouds, pressure. Aching, painful down pours.
 I want to record both of them here, this is a space for me to look back to remember. A space my children may come to in years to come and see what a place it was here.
 And for that reason I need to record the saddest moment of this summer too. After 10 years, but not even a year of marriage Andy and I have decided to separate. That is all I will say about it here in this space, but I want to mark it, I want to be able to post here, in honesty without feeling that I am omitting an enormous fact of our lives. 
I have been guided and supported through this pain with so much kindness and love and I truly know that 'the universe has my back'. To all those who have sent their love and support to me, in whatever form, I am deeply and eternally grateful.


  1. Sending you lots of love and hugs.
    Love and light Sue xx

  2. Oh Laura, I am so sorry for the pain and loss of this moment for you, andy and the kids, and send prayers and wishes for sunshine and joy as you discover a new path forward. Lucy x

  3. You sound like you have reached a place of clarity. Love, love, love to you xxx

  4. Thinking of you and your family. xxxx

  5. Ooh Hun, I am sorry, I hope you continue to feel supported through this transition time, and a new
    Path unfurls brightly. Hugs

  6. Oh Laura, I am so sorry, words fail but know that you are very cared for, even by those you have never met.

  7. Sorry to hear that Laura, but it sounds like you've made your peace with it mentally, if that makes any sort of sense? Keep enjoying summer x

  8. Laura, we've already spoken about this but wanted to hug you on here too. HUGS
    You are one strong lady.
    Much love, Mel

    1. thank you dear, friend I will reply to your email later on x x

  9. i am so sorry to hear about your sadness. much blessings on you all and lots of strength being sent your way xx