Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rebe is 7

Last Wednesday my darling Rebe turned 7.
 I don't have many pictures of the day because my camera was out of puff, but that in itself was nice: to just be there in the moment and not behind a lens.
 In the morning she opened her gifts. Then she and the boys spent a long time in the garden making a den and playing explorers who did a lot of sewing (she got a sewing box from me) and listening to music (she got a music box from Andy).
 We went for a walk and then watched a movie together. After that we had hedgehog cake and the most amazing, all singing and all dancing candle sent by her aunty.
 It was a wonderful day and we all really enjoyed it.
Happy Birthday dear girl, I hope this year is full of love and light and wonder.


  1. Happy Birthday Rebe. She shares a birthday with my Dad. We also now have a 7 year old girl, T's birthday was yesterday.

  2. Awww Happy Birthday Rebe, love the hedgehog cake and dress :)

    1. as far as rebe is concerned you can never have enough hedgehogs :-) hugs x x

  3. looks like she had a wonderful birthday and the cake looks really yummy! Happy Birthday little one xx