Friday, August 3, 2012

sandcastle competition

Yesterday was the annual sandcastle building competition on the beach in our village.
Although the weather was looking dodgy, we packed our raincoats and headed down to join the crowd.
After building for 15 mins the heavens opened and the rain tipped down,
it was a shame and lots of families packed up and left. We stayed though and kept building,

This was made slightly difficult with the one man demolition crew we had with us. Just at the point when we were going to rebuild our castle for the third time the novelty races began so we headed over to join in.
The sack race was very hard for Benny and he stopped after a few feet.
Rebe flew it though and won her heat by a mile,
to go on and win 2nd prize in the final, where she was the only girl running!

Next was the three legged race, something the kids had never done but seen in 2 of their favourite books; Dogger and Milly Molly Mandy
I love this picture of them together, and they did great, they came second!
After that was the wheel barrow race that they also entered together and lastly the piggy back race.
They were by far the youngest team and certainly were a good foot smaller than the other competitors. I saw the stewards of the race ask if they wanted to go on some bigger boys' back instead of struggling together, but they said no that they wanted to stay together (heart melts!). They got a few meters head start but in the rush of the race they got knocked over. After a wee cry they picked themselves up and we went in search of the picnic.

After hot dogs and juice was the prize giving:

(I truly love this picture, it is a real glimpse into the relationship I have with Benny, I will treasure that I captured this moment!)

Each second of the race and prize giving were recounted on the way home and the medals were only taken off in the bath, to be put back on again over pajamas :-)
It was a lovely day out, rain and all!


  1. oh so lovely! I so much love their spirit of going ahead for it. It makes me smile with admiration. xx

  2. Looks like great fun, they look so proud of their medals :-)

  3. Laura, the whole time I was thinking of Shirley Hughes and then I read where you made reference to her book! Since you sent us Dogger, it has been a favorite!
    Missing you, Laura- must write soon! Love, Mel