Thursday, August 23, 2012

seriously stitching

Well, since I gave Rebe her sewing box on her Birthday last week the whole family has gone sewing mad!
Rebe discovered embroidery, all on her own. She started 'drawing' pictures on a piece of fabric with coloured threads from her box.

 I saw what she was doing and found her an embroidery hoop to make it easier for her and she just took off,

'To Dad'

Andy on a boat

waves and a fish complete with scales.
Joa wanted to join in too, Rebe threaded him a needle and gave him a piece of felt.
Oh so carefully he stitched it together.
And Benny made dinner:
This is a really simple craft, one I may use at Buddies in the future. For the sausage I helped him to fold a piece of pink felt in half and he stitched up along the edge (I went over it with the machine to strengthen it - which he helped with too). He stuffed carded sheeps wool into it and we tied up the ends. The egg he made by cutting a piece of white felt to the right size and then a piece of yellow felt to be the yoke. He stitched the yoke onto the white with yellow thread. He's had great fun cooking dinner for us all since.
What I am not saying here is that today is my Birthday, that it has been an incredibly hard day in terms of my separation from Andy, that I have been filled with stress and tension and quick to cry, that I feel sick and tired and sad. But I am sitting here to write this post using pictures I took last week so I can come out of that feeling and remember the special moments. So I can have a break from feeling awful and fell normal. My neighbour is coming over for dinner tonight, a dinner cooked for me by a dear friend. I hope that this year will be good for me, exciting and full of new joys and experiences and of course lots of more sewing.


  1. Wishing you the gift of peace and joy this coming year. Hope you have a lively evening. Happy birthday x

  2. Happy Birthday and love all the crafting that has taken off. beautiful xx

  3. It is wonderful seeing your dear children exploring one creative activity after another. They clearly learn so much from you.
    I wish I could be there sewing and playing around with fabric with you and your kids, if they wouldn't mind.

    We are sending love and wishes for many moments of joy in the coming year.
    Happy Birthday, dear friend.

    1. Oh Carole, you just made my day, all of you. I am especially grateful for the wonderful long phone call, I woke up this morning feeling 100lb lighter :-) and looking forward to my day. I love my gifts beyond belief also. thank you thank you thank you x x x

  4. Happy belated birthday. Hope you were able to enjoy the evening.

    What wonderful crafting, I just adore that picture of Joa concentrating on sewing, gorgeous!!

    1. hi Claire, it's amazing how much concentration they give to 'serious work' even at this young age isn't it?!

  5. Oh Laura, happy birthday! You are in my heart! HUGS
    PS wonderful needlework to the little ones!I can't get over Joa's sweet angel face.

    1. thank you my dear friend, he is a gorgeous wee boy alright :-)

  6. Happy Birthday again, I love all the creativeness that oozes out of you into your children, they are a pure joy XXX