Friday, October 15, 2010

beaten the bread demons

I've finally done it woop woop! I've managed to bake a bread that everyone in the family likes...even Andy :-) To make it even better, it only has 4 ingredients, requires no kneading and takes 3 minutes to make and 45 minutes to bake...I know just too good to be true!
So, here we go, it's the
Ballymaloe white soda bread recipe
450g plain flour (I use strong white, you can mix it with wholemeal to make a brown loaf)
1 tsp bread soda
1 tsp salt
about 350ml butter milk
and that's it!
Sieve flour, salt and soda into a bowl, make a hollow in middle pour in all the butter milk. Make your hand into a claw and, starting in the middle, mix it going outwards a few times until it comes together. Plop the whole lot onto a floured baking tray, vaguely shape into a circle pat flat (about 4cm). Take a sharp knife and make a cross then poke the knife into each of the 4 quarters twice (to let out the fairies as the Irish say). Whack into the oven at 250 C for 15 mins then turn down to 200 C and bake for a further 30 mins. Take out and allow to cool, then try not to eat it all at once!

I've been knitting this little dress this week...
I'm loving it (well it is rainbow colours!) It is a wee commission I got from one of the mummy's at the Steiner parent-child classes. I hope she likes it, it was very quick and easy to knit (I didn't use a pattern). It is a 3-6 month dress, but I left the sleeve with buttons on open so that the little girl can wear it as a tunic and then vest when she's older. I think I might make some to sell on Etsy :-)


  1. I LOVE the rainbow dress!!! Yes yes, do make some for your shop!
    Hmmm. . .probably I can't get away with putting one like that on Ezri or ASa. . .perhaps a shorter version could be a vest for a boy!

  2. Do you think if I didn't put the pink band in it might be less girly? I think I should be making rainbow things for my rainbow shop...that and I have nothing else on the needles at the moment :-)

  3. actually yes- I'll bet in boyish colors it would be fine for a boy! Heck I have been known to put pink on my boys. . .
    how long does this dress fall?

  4. the wee dress is about 13" long. I think a little v neck jumper might be nice for a boy? I could do a whole load of stuff; rainbow longies, hats, vests, sweaters, houses, cats (ok getting a bit carried away) but I think they could be good sellers. You got any ideas about your shop yet? I love all of the things you make, and Andy's toys are so fab too, I'm sue it'll be such a success :-)

  5. Hi Laura~
    I've been thinking of children's clothing- knitted and sewn- and waldorf dolls. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now around here, trying to fit everything in- so this dream of ours seems a bit far-fetched at the moment! ugh!

  6. I think you're dead right, just do it at your own pace. I sort of feel the same, I have a few orders at the moment and I am struggling to find the time to do them (at least I have until Christmas). But the great thing about etsy is that I can just do what I want, when I want. If I'd taken on the commitment of making them for a stall I would be under pressure to have a lot of stock and to be constantly making things. This way I can just sell what I have. But no def not worth putting yourself under any extra pressure. Your dolls are gorgeous and they will be a big success. I like them cause they are kind of calm. Odd description but I've seen a lot of waldorf dolls around that look as if they could be plastic; bright and a bit garish. I like the quaint muted look myself. big hugs x x