Sunday, October 3, 2010

lovely day

*deep sigh* it's been such a lovely day today, we all got plenty of sleep last night (well apart from Joa and I of course) which made for a good day today. Look at how I have found Benny the last 2 nights... asleep with Rebe's school shoes on!

Peter Pan has been here a lot today...he helped clean the vegetables for soup...

He mended a peg in the playroom, although prit stick just didn't do the job!

Then he decided to give us a guided tour of Neverland (at this point Rebe had the costume on and Benny was Tootles).

Off to the woods.

Our woods are so dense and dark inside but as the weather has been so brilliant there are patches of bright, bright sunshine on the forest floor.

My friend Annika gave me this great book for my birthday. It lists many edible plants/ herbs/ fungi and so on that we can find in the hedgerows, woods, fields and beaches around us and what is extra cool about it is that there is often a bit of folklore and then some recipes for us to try including the likes of acorn coffee.

We took it with us to see what we could find...

checking the fairy home

a very blurred picture of a crown we made from Hazel

a boy on the front, a boy on the back...

Benny in the shop selling shells, leaves and acorns.
What else would make a lovely day...

a dozen fairtrade roses...
lots of rainbows...
and time to sew some more of my dolls. I will post some pictures of them this week, I promise.
It was a lovely weekend!

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