Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lots of making

We've been busy making things here recently, leaving very little time to blog, but I'd like to share what we've been making...

Benny has been drawing. He drew this picture then looked at it for a while and brought it to me saying 'moon is cross'. I love it, it's a new stage of drawing for Benny.

We got more apples from my neighbour so we've been making lots of yummy appley things...
apple bread

apple cake

apple butter

Andy is trying his hand at basketry...

I've been doing lots of sewing making, waldorf toys and dolls to sell. I feel I have enough stock now to think about a stall and opening an etsy shop. Here are a few of the things I've made, I need to work on the pictures and get some good shots of them, I don't like how these photos came out really...
4 little snuggle buddies, made out of brushed cotton and stuffed with organic carded sheep's wool.

yellow snuggle buddy

Here are my 2 dress up dolls (I'm so pleased with them, I wish the photos were better)
both are made out of organic cotton stockinette and stuffed with organic carded wool. Their hair is organic puppenwolle and knitted into a wig and securely sewn on.
The clothes and shoes are also hand sewn and knitted and seeing as I did it without a pattern I guess they are unique.

I really love them and I hope that they will bring some little child much pleasure and comfort!
I've also done a bit more needle felting (a new craft to me). I'm really enjoying it, I made Rebe a little cat (that she's taken to school so no photo) and this pumpkin...

Well I'd best go as I'm also making bread and need to go and get it out of the oven and there is also a little boy on my knee starting to make lots of noise!
What have you been making lately?
hugs x


  1. Oh Laura, I absolutely LOVE your dolls!!! I know you'll be so successful at selling your beautiful things.
    Something funny. . .Andy and I are also working out an Etsy shop! More on it later!
    <3 hugs
    Oh- I can't get over how cute it is that Benny said the moon is cross!

  2. Thanks Melanie, I posted them on my facebook page and I have sold all the little ones in a day and have orders for 3 more! wow, am blown away! Can't wait to see your shop too!! Will you be shipping to Ireland :-)

  3. Wow, Laura that's great! I am not surprised- those faces are some of the cutest I've ever seen. :)
    Right now our Etsy shop is still in our heads- Andy makes wooden toys so we're coming up with ones for a shop, and I am brainstorming what I could do. Hopefully it'll get off the ground. . .