Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday we made ravioli.
I got the dough out of the freezer I'd slung there a while back,
I rolled it out as thin as I could. This is really good for your stomach muscles (who needs an abs trainer!).
Then we cut it into squares and let it sit (just long enough for a quick story).

We made a simple filling of minced beef and green pesto and put a plop in the middle of each square. We beat an egg and painted around the outside then folded it over and stuck it together.

Rebe was actually really good at this. I've been noticing recently how good she is with more fiddly things. While we did this she played a funny game that she was a chef and I was her son (she was a daddy) and she was teaching me how to make ravioli. Somehow making ravioli while talking in a funny voice was so much better!

Then we let them rest again for about 10 minutes while we got the sauces on the way. We cooked them in boiling water,

and served them with cheese sauce and ravioli. They were actually delicious (I was surprised) and everyone ate them all up! We'll need to try different fillings now, I can see this becoming quite a hobby....we'll actually no, but I do think we'll make them again :-)

Today while Rebe was at school Benny and I went down to the beach and collected sand for the sand pit.
He was delighted (as was Rebe when she got home!).

Last night I did a bit more crafting. I'm waiting for some materials to arrive so I can finish my first waldorf doll custom order, so I did some needle felting. Gosh I really am enjoying it, it's like painting in wool in 3d!
Mouse on a pumpkin

Windfall Apple.
Of course I'm going to put them up in the etsy shop.
Finally I just wanted to show you these busy little hands...

He is finding his way through the world of touch. Love the dimples on the knuckles!
hugs x

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  1. I remember that dough! It looks like you turned it into something delicious. :)
    I love the dimples on Joa's knuckles too. . .