Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween preparations

I do think that half of the fun in any celebration is the preparation before hand. As long ago as a few weeks ago we were thinking up costume ideas and gathering bits and pieces and crafting for that... Rebe, the witch on her homemade broomstick ( and Benny, the piece of ham (yes you heard right a piece of ham) trying on their costumes.

I don't like the idea of going door to door 'trick or treating', for us it's pretty much begging for sweets. When I was little we always did a party piece, sang a song or told a joke, but here and now the kids just hold out their bags expecting them to be filled. That makes me sad and I refuse to go in for that. So we reverse trick or treat. We bake and then bring our goodies to our neighbours (who know and are tolerant of the fact that we are a little bit weird). We knock on the door and we call 'Trick or treat, trick or treat, we've brought you something nice to eat'. We always get a lovely reception and I feel then it is a fair exchange that they give the kids a little something for their goody bags.

We spent the morning making scary bees wax monsters.

and bats.

We also took a long and very wet walk to the village to buy some icing sugar and to use up our excited energy. Whilst at the shop we asked for a couple of brown paper bags to decorate to gather treats in.

Look at those gorgeous rain made curls :-)
In the afternoon we decorated our biscuits, very simply with green icing and yellow icing.

Once that dried we used a tiny bit of black icing to make bats, spiders and witches flying in front of the full moon or horrible monster faces.

They were fun to make, used up many hours and tasted good. We made so many that we had plenty for visiting trick or treaters too.

I didn't get a picture of the kids in their full costumes, my camera battery died before I had the chance, but we have a Buddies Home School Halloween party tomorrow to go to and I hope my camera will be working by then and I'll have some pictures for you.

Hope you had a happy halloween :-)


  1. I love the idea of taking things to peoples houses for trick or treat. Might try that next year.