Monday, October 1, 2012

for me...

Yesterday Andy came and took the kids out so I had a good part of the day, at home, alone. So I decided to make myself a dress. It's wonky and doesn't sit right everywhere, but is comfy and sweet and I feel me in it :-)
 A few weeks ago my dear friend and neighbor very kindly gave me her mother's fabric stash. I can't tell you how exciting it was to open the bags and boxes and go through all the things there. Some pieces larger than others, different weights colour and texture. Pretty much all of it vintage and some really gorgeous prints.
 Among it was the fabric I used to make this dress, and there is still about a half yard left over.

 Also in one of the bags was a dress that my neighbours mum had made for herself when she was a young woman. The fabric was very thin and it was a bit tight here and there, but I really loved the look of the dress and after a lengthy telephone conversation with a good friend I decided to carefully pick the dress apart and then use it as a pattern.
I am so pleased, it took about 4 hours all in all and there were a lot of sewing firsts for me like darts and putting in a zipper. As I said it is very imperfect, but I think (I hope lol) it has charm and today I have worn it proudly. I am hoping to make a 2nd in the same pattern in a blue floral cotton that I have in my stash and then I might be practiced enough to treat myself to some brown hemp. I think it would love lovely in this pattern and be so practical for winter.
 Also with the change of seasons I found myself reaching for my hat. The hat I have worn for the past three years was knitted for me by my friend. It was a big slouchy hat, big enough to fit all my hair into when it was still long. Since I cut my hair though it kept falling over my eyes, so after much erming and ahing I decided to unravel it and re-knit it into a beanie:

 I'm really pleased with that too. All of this 'for me' stuff has been good for me and I am thinking of the next projects I can do for myself too...
 Have you made yourself anything of late?

I wasn't the only one sporting new, handmade clothes today:

Bubs made Rebe this incredible dress and long johns to go under them. The fabric was organic cotton sent to me by a friend and it is beyond perfect for Rebe in every way :-)

... (I see just how many wonderful special friends I have around me from writing this post, I love you all dearly x)


  1. Your dress is beautiful! *You* are beautiful! Way to go for making something for yourself. I've been working on a shawl (and I am really not a shawl girl) for myself. It's based on a movie that I adore (and reminds me strongly of my mother, odd though that may be given the movie) - Arsenic and Old Lace. I've been having the most amazing time with all the lace. (:

  2. agree. I remember you wrote earlier about a shawl being like a hug. Isn't it a very special feeling to dress in clothes you made for yourself? I feel it's got a lot to do with active practise to be kind to myself.

  3. Whit whoo, gorgeous mama, you look beautiful in that fab dress :)
    Hope everything is working out ok for your lovely family, sending great big hugs xx

  4. Dear Laura, I am so so glad you're making things for you! Dearest, you make and do for others so much it's your turn now! I love the dress- it's just what I'd love too- and you look fabulous in it! (I have those shoes too!). The hat too, it's perfect- and you're just so lovely! Love and hugs to you, Mel

  5. PS every single thing I sew is imperfect!

  6. Nice dress!! I have plans to make myself a dress for Christmas but going to try making a few things for Nyah first as I'm not the worlds best sewer and the pattern I have my eye on is a tad ambitious for me ;)