Saturday, October 27, 2012

pumpkins and pictures

 Friday was Rebe's last day of term and the school had a 'reuse and recycle' fancy dress theme. Rebe and I had made her a vampire costume out of (mainly) bin liners, but complete with a very sweet tin-can bat. I had some lovely pictures of that to show you, as well as some pictures of a cool duplo farm the boys and I made. But when I uploaded the pictures to the computer I found those mysteriously gone! Oddly enough there were 18 pictures like this....
 and no less than 42 pictures in a series depicting Joa peeling and eating a boiled egg...

...and then... AHA! The giveaway... the culprit takes a self portrait....
Once I had found my camera again (somewhere I was sure I hadn't left it and with significantly less charge in it) and got a picture of this boy making a very delicate and careful job of decorating a 'thank goodness it's the half-term break' cake.
 To surprise Rebe on her return from school we left it on the table with one of our 2 pumpkins.  Benny and I wanted to make this one into a fairy house (the other we will carve into a normal jack-o-lantern)
 He thinks when it is halloween we should take it to the woods and leave it there for some real fairies to come and live in. I think that is a great idea and something I'm sure we'll do :-)
The boys also finished their painted pumpkins by sticking some tissue paper at the back and sticking them to the window.
Joa also discovered that not only is the oven good viewing, you can also warm your feet at the same time. I mean can TV do that?!?!

Well, we have had a lovely start to the holidays already and I am so happy we have over a week to just be, to relax and unwind and be together. We have a few things planned but not too much. I hope your coming week is filled with peace and joy and laughter :-)
2 Under Rainbows babies finished and waiting to be shipped to heir new mama's


  1. Laura I just so cracked away at Benny's picture series - I can see a great career as a comedian laying ahead of him lol

  2. Maybe Benny could have his own photo blog 'Benjamin Angel - life through a lens'.

  3. I just recently discovered your blog thanks to Melanie at Our Ash Grove and I just wanted to say how much I now enjoy popping into this lovely space. I also live in a small fishing village, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Your dolls are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by, I love Mel's blog too, my very favourite blogger as a matter of fact :-) nice too meet you