Sunday, October 7, 2012

the weekend in few words...

 Benny's banana...loaded and he's not afraid to use it (but he looks too sweet to be any kind of threat!)
 a dear little pin cushion made for me by Rebe
 picking blackberries and Joa's gleeful shouts of 'got one!'
 the most beautiful sky over the beach
 Benny dug out a tiny sand eel with his hands.  Luckily we had brought a bag of baking so we quickly scoffed that freeing the bag for Benny to put the sand eel in.

 Sunday morning sky
 Peter Pan and Tinkerbell a wee custom order from my shop ready to whisk their new mama off to Neverland.
Oh my how I love making these tiny dolls :-)


  1. Peter Pan and Tink! You never stop amazing me. (:

    Those clouds look amazing - so surreal. Like something Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean would dream up.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. (:

    1. I know aren't those clouds brilliant, I just couldn't stop gazing at them yesterday :-)

  2. oh Laura I'm getting so homesick. Those skies! And I just LOVE that Peter Pan doll. I want to dress like him and Tinkerbell, their dresses are just absolutely my favourite colours! :-) Big hugs to everyone.

  3. You make the most beautiful dolls:)