Sunday, September 5, 2010

maybe the best thing about school... going to be the weekends.

We've just had the loveliest weekend. It's been busy and fun but very relaxing and calming.

Rebe loves her new pencil case and got to use it at school on Friday.
When she got home after school she was dying for another wee go...

She also invented a new variation on the theme of socks...a dish cloth shoved in each welly with a foot on top. Although she says it's not very comfortable and quite rubbish when you try to walk.

We tried out our new pasta machine.

Looks likes it works doesn't it? Well it didn't, all the spaghetti stuck together in a clump and then Joshua woke up and I didn't have the time or patience to try it again, so I bunged the dough in the freezer and the machine in the cupboard and cracked open a packet of pasta ;-)

Saturday morning we baked, we made carob brownies and a big batch of apple and blackberry mix for pies and crumbles which I've put in the freezer with winter in mind.

Uh oh...
Andy did it, he's been threatening to put a whole load of stuff in his outboard engine to 'clean it out'. I have to say it didn't strike me as a good idea, but it seems to have worked (and he didn't blow up the engine, the boat, himself or the house in the process)!

The kids also wanted to make cleaning potions so I gave them a bunch of stuff like some washing up liquid, fizzy water, washing detergent, lemon and salt and they quite happily concocted for ages. Then they tried it out cleaning the car, boat and window frames.
We also went to the beach not once, but twice on Saturday. The weather was just glorious!

Lots also got made...
a snail for Benny from Rebe

I got about 4 hours to myself while the boys were calm and/or napping, so I sneaked upstairs to the sewing machine and made Benny 3 pairs of very much needed trousers.
Now that he's not wearing nappy's dungarees are no good, which left him with 2 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of shorts...which is just not enough when he's having lots of accidents still. So, I converted 2 old pairs of maternity trousers and a pair of curtains (orange). I'm pleased with them, they actually fit Benny and he can pull them up and down himself. Tick all the boxes...

...even the snail box!

This is Joshua's vest. It is quite big on him, but that means it should last a few months. I love these vests, he has 2 Bubs made for Benny and I know Bubs has another one on the needles too :-). But as he dribbles like a tap I need to have a stock of them!
Today (Sunday) the weather changed and has been rainy so we had our big Sunday dinner at lunch time and then went swimming in the afternoon. The pool was a little colder today so Joshua only stayed in for about 15 minutes, but he loved it and was floating with only a couple of fingers under his head (those cheeks are great buoyancy!).
Now kids are in bed, and I'm off to put something new on the needles. Hope you all had lovely weekends too :-)


  1. Ezri dribbles like a tap too! I'm hurriedly trying to finish up a new vest for him. :)
    I love the pants you made for Benny!
    I love this post, what a wonderful and productive weekend you've all had together! I wanna come spend a weekend at your house. . .

  2. I keep meaning to put a bib on him, poor soggy boy! I'm really pleased with the trousers too, so is Benny :-) x