Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big News!!!

We've got a wobbler!!! Yesterday on the way home from school Rebe bit into her bread roll. 'Ouch' she said 'my tooth hurts!'. When we got home we had a look and found that it was wobbly. Her first wobbly tooth! I think I'm probably as excited as she is! Of course she ran to tell all of our neighbours the news. 'Oh I can't believe it!' she kept saying, 'My first wobbly tooth, I've been waiting so long'. She wrote a note to the tooth fairy to tell her to be ready for the tooth coming her way soon.Andy helped her write what she wanted to say and she pegged it to the fence in the back garden; the place she always leaves messages for fairies as it's so close to the woods.

We were discussing what would happen if her tooth came out while she was at school. I suggested to her that we make a special bag that she could keep it in in that eventuality. This seemed a good idea to her.
I went to yoga last night thinking I would make her the bag tomorrow in the afternoon, but when I got home I found this taped to my bedroom door:

A beautifully coloured in picture of St Brigid (that she had cut out of one of last year's school books) and this note...

'Please make a tooth bag'

How could I resist! It didn't take too long to make. I decided that a plain bag would do for now and I would decorate it later (when it wasn't late in the evening after a yoga class!)

A simple felt bag that closes with a press stud and with a ribbon long enough to go around her neck.

Inside is a little drawstring bag to doubley secure any fallen out tooth.

Before 7am this morning I heard her sneaking into my room and over to my sewing table to look for it. I handed it to her from my bedside table and she whispered 'Oh thanks mum' and tiptoed off to show it to Benny.

I imagine she'll be wearing it until the time her tooth comes out and she can put it under her pillow.

Oh it's all so exciting this growing up lark :-)


  1. Oh exciting times indeed x
    We went through similar conversations about how our dd had been waiting for her first to come out and had a wobbly one for ages. it eventually came out at a friends birthday party and all her friends were excited with her.

    I'm sure the fairy is watching to see your smile with a gap x

  2. Aww bless Rebe, such a wonderful, exciting time :)

  3. Aww, that first wobbly tooth is so special!

  4. Oh so exciting, we are waiting for the postie to bring the gift we have chosen for the tooth fairy to bring (rather than a coin), I hope he gets here in time...luckily she's not a big wobbler and is leaving it quite alone.