Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Tuesdays are our free days with no planned activities but of course plenty to do.I had two little helpers with my morning jobs.

Then we got dressed and went out into the blustery autumnal day.

Benny took his bike,

we posted a very important letter that Benny wrote to his uncle.

Home again , there's nothing like hot tea and peanut butter on toast to revive you ready for a craft activity.

We made wee tiny hanging apples.

These are part of a larger crafting project that I won't share yet because I'm just not happy with it as it is. It needs a good deal more work done to it and I'm not sure I have the patience.

This is making me smile though...

Joa is wearing the very first thing I ever knitted - a pair of very funky knitted trousers. Last week I got down the 'next size up' bag from the attic and I found these in them. I really, really wanted Benny to have warm trousers for the winter when he was Joa's age, so I taught myself to knit. I've never looked back since :-)

After picking Rebe up from school we spent a good deal of the afternoon making fox props. They needed fox dens which we made upstairs in the bedrooms with cushions and blankets and lots and lots of books.

They also needed paws with sharp claws. What would we do without cardboard and sellotape?

There was time for a story...

and of course a stitch or two.

Tomorrow is a busy day with our first home kindergarten session and also my yoga classes start up again :-)

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday x

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