Friday, September 9, 2011

knitted pilot cap

I finished Joa's hat yesterday. It is the 2nd time I have knitted this hat. He had one when he was a little baby and it lasted him for months and months ( I can't find the link right now).
The beginning of the pattern I find a little hard to get my head around but once you start and get the hang of what you're doing it's a straight forward enough knit. The yarn is so soft and warm, I think it is a wool/cotton mix, it is lovely and warm and he is very comfy in it.

It seems to be the only style of hat that Joa doesn't want to pull off. Perhaps he remembers the feeling of it from when he was tiny?

Anyway with the change of weather and the definite feel of autumn in the air I'm glad this wee man has a hat he'll wear!

It'll last him for ages too as it's a little big.

Benny is very much into super hero's' at he moment. He informs me that at night he turns into a superhero. I am a little concerned by the fact that he thinks he can stop cars with his bare hands. He told me of this while we were doing some road crossing practice... hmmm not sure how to tackle that one, apart from not allowing him to let go of my hand near roads in case he decides to try out his powers.

He came to me yesterday with this piece of stair gate (which is supposed to be at the top of the stairs) and the sellotape asking if I could tape it to his back. I suppose he sees some kind of rocket pack (he's sitting on my knee as I write this and saw the picture and said in a very deep voice "super mouse to the rescue" so there's the explanation for you).

Admiring a wee man's first boots :-)

It wasn't a very peaceful afternoon yesterday what with the superhero mouse and this parade that kept going up and down the garden and in and out of the house...

Happy weekend :-)


  1. that hat is the cutest thing ever! and i'm actually half way decent at knitting hats. my son would be soooo cute in it :-) just like yours.

  2. I just adore the little pilot caps. My wee one lived in one I had made her last yr. Nearly time for a new one!

  3. That hat is adorable! The color is perfect, and I love that little widow's peak in the middle.