Sunday, September 4, 2011

poor old joa

has been feeling very under the weather this weekend. He had a temperature on Friday and Saturday and vomited too.

The kids did the only thing that they can do to help...
When we were kids we used to do this. There is something so awful about watching one of your siblings being ill. I remember the feeling of wanting to *do* something to help when one of my brothers or even my mum or dad weren't feeling well. My mum always encouraged us to express this by drawing the 'bug' that was making our sibling ill and pinning it above their bed.
This is Rebe's bug and it says underneath (in a shouty voice) GO AWAY. We hung this by Joa's cot. Benny painted a bug picture yesterday and they seem to be working. He's feeling much better, eating again and sleeping a lot.

So while the littlest one has been off form we've stayed close to home. The weather has fitted in perfectly and been cool and wet and very windy.

I finished another custom order dolly. I loved this little one. Her buyer contacted me through my etsy shop to ask if I would make a doll for her mother as a 65th Birthday gift. The doll was to resemble her mum as a little girl. On request she managed to send me some gorgeous pictures of her mum as a little girl for me to use for inspiration. It really was a great fun project and I love the whole 1940's and 50's style of children's clothing. I'm afraid there will be more doll postings to come as I am still working on some custom ones.

Rebe has spent the weekend painting, and doing lego and hama beads.

Benny doing jigsaws

I have also been knitting another pilot hat for Joa I hope to finish soon.

We have a full week; our first parent and child class at the Kindergarten, our first home preschool session, playgroup and of course school. But I think this week will be good, I feel it in my bones :-)


  1. Poor guy, he looks miserable! But how sweet of siblings to draw those big pictures. :)
    I really love that doll, she's precious!

  2. Oh Laura, that poor little fella- and poor you! When the baby is sick, it's always so much more difficult than an older child, who can lie there and read and understand what you're saying.
    I absolutely ADORE That dolly!

  3. Aw, poor wee one. I love the idea of drawing the bugs! That doll is beautiful- I love the dress! Good luck with your busy week.

  4. (wahoo! That comment went through!)

  5. Hi Taisa :-) yipee! Thanks guys :-) Joa's feeling much better now, the rash he developed is nearly gone and he's eating again, so all good :-)