Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a day of highs and lows

It was an odd day to say the least. It seemed to swing from wonderful highs to rubbish bits in the blink of an eye. But you know what? Throughout it all I remained happy, like a wee boat bobbing on top of the waves. Riding it out...I think yoga really might be teaching me something :-)

I was the first to wake (which is pretty much unheard of). I woke to a beautiful sky and peace and calm. I got dressed with no-one hanging off my legs (in my book this is a luxury), I got lunches ready and even had my own breakfast before making teas and waking my wee family up to get ready for the day.

Oh the bliss, Andy and Rebe left for school and I marked myself down as wonder woman, zen master, and then did this....Good god, I can't believe it. Pure stupidity. I've been keeping a small glass bottle of special bubble bath on top of one of those long, skinny bathroom lights just above the sink. Well, I knocked it, it fell in the sink and you can see the results for yourself! WHOOPS!

Still I stayed calm and didn't let it stress me too much, I mean what would be the point, I can't fix it through pure stress. So I shrugged and spent the morning with my friend going through gorgeous wooden toys online choosing things for the playgroup to spend it's funding on. I found these (http://www.mimitoys.ie/product_3387_Farm-Animals.html) and covet them for the boys (sorry about the massive links, for some reason I can't seem to hyperlink at the moment).

So, although that was nice and we did have a few cups of tea and a lovely banana cake that she brought, poor old Benny was feeling really rough... Even with two 'Go Away Benny's Bug' pictures above his bed I decided to take him to the doctor. He gave him an antibiotic for yet another ear infection. Poor mite, I hope he feels better soon!

Still going to the town meant I could post this wee guy... A Peter Pan doll requested by a lovely lady for her daughter's Christmas present.

So when we got home from town I started to make dinner, Joa decided to help...

...and smashed my very favourtie mixing bowl MADE for me by my mum :-( But then Rebe showed me this dog she made with Andy out of scraps of wood :-)

After dinner I enjoyed my coffee sitting outside on our new benches and table that Andy got for free from work.

*picture taken by Benny*

There is a definited autumn nip in the air but it was as beautiful and as peaceful as this morning.
After a nice play the kids were ready to get into the bath....Joa decided to throw Lambie in too!

aaarrrggghhhh! Thank goodness we have a tumble dryer.

...but then Rebe gave me this lovely (strongly smelling) posie of chive flowers.

And now the kids are in bed, the cat is fed, the dishes are done and I am going to have a bath and read my book.

I just want to add: Yesterday I thought Joa was blowing me sweet little kisses, turns out he was just sucking the snotter from his upper lip. (Rab you're right it deserves to be here, Nestled Under Rainbows)

Did you break anything today?


  1. Laura, you've got me in stitches over here- you are seriously hilarious! What a day! I love how you present it like this with humor, and with all the positive stuff that goes on too- because that really is how it goes, isn't it? Though we often dwell on the negatives. . .
    Joa and his snotters, that makes me laugh! oh, the things that happen to us as Mamas- Ezri has lots of snot right now as well, he's getting over a cold. I've had it smeared all over me for a week now. . .
    Love and hugs, and thanks for this post! Someday we'll get to nice long emails again.

  2. Hahha, wow what a day! Every day is so full of ups and downs. Yours are so dramatic on this day! You are awesome in the way you look at and present things. -Hannah

  3. Oh my, what a day! I don't think anything was broken here (today) but River knocked 3 FULL glasses of juice and water of the table (today). I don't know why that even bugs me anymore (or why I allow anyone to have liquids on the table... or at all, anymore) as she does it daily. 2-4 time a day.
    But, the Peter Pan doll is daring and I hope Benny feels better soon!

  4. yes, Mel the snot issue! Why do I continue to try and wear black! and don't you love it when you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and commend yourself for having no snot marks all over yourself...and then take your top off and see the back!! Oh the joys of back-carrying a snottery child!
    Hannah, nice to hear from you again :-)
    Julie, I know, I still give them cups (even Joa...am I mental!) and get equally cross when there is yet another spillage!