Friday, December 2, 2011

Buddies ~ welcoming

***In September 2011 6 families got together and started Buddies home school. Each week we meet in each other's home and follow a simple rhythm: music and movement, baking/ craft, snack, free play and a story. Each part of the session is led by a different family. We want to share what we did this week with you here...***

This week we welcomed with open arms and very joyful hearts our newest, tiny and very beautiful little buddy. She very busily slept through most of the session which we started with our usual songs. We used the finger puppets again this week. We find the children really thrive on repetition, we also added 2 new songs. We thought we had better have a wee practice of 'Jingle Bells'. Roisine has a wonderful set of hand bells and the kids had one each (we were probably a bit more clangy than jingly). Also one of our Buddies, 'H', taught us a song he had been practising the day before out in his garden about a wiggly worm.

Amanda lead our craft activity. This week we made pine cone gnomes.

First we rolled a clump of clay to make a base for our pine cones.

Then we stuck on some eyes and used wool roving for a beard.

We cleaned up the glue and then we helped the children sew a little triangle of green felt in half to make a hat.

They did this really well and were very proud to be doing real sewing :-)

This was a wonderful craft that they really enjoyed.

After snack and free play Flo told us a wonderful story. (I'm sorry I didn't get the name or author of the book Flo based it on).

It was the story of a little princess who wanted nothing more than friends to play pass the parcel with on her birthday. Her fairy godmother obliged and magic'd her a host of fairy tale friends.

Flo had found costumes and props for each character in the story and brought the book alive completely.

The fairy tale characters each opened a parcel, but all of the things they had wished for had gotten muddled.

It all came out ok in the end though when the princess who had wished for a prince, got a frog whom she kissed and then herself turned into a frog.

The children loved this story especially helping to rip open the presents! It was, as always, a gorgeous session :-)


  1. Those little gnomes are so cute!

    Stopped by from Sharing Saturday.

  2. These gnomes are adorable!! Thank you for sharing them at Crafty Moms Share's Sharing Saturday! I hope to see you next week!