Monday, December 5, 2011


we all woke up with horrible colds.
Rebe was coughing and complaining so we decided to keep her at home to rest (she seems a bit better now so I'm glad we did).
We kept today warm and calm and filled with chicken soup and stories.
We made lego in the morning (and afternoon and evening).
As I mentioned in my last post Bubs filled our sweet advent calendar ~ as she does every year ~ Everyday there is a little chocolate for each child and some lego to build including instructions. I think my older brother helped my mum put all of this together and it is spot on! They love it. This year we are also very lucky as Andy's sister-in-law has also passed on a playmobil advent calendar used by the kids' cousins in years past and it is so fab :-)

Again, everyday there is a new little piece to go in the scene. Benny in particular loves this and spends a lot of time playing with it :-)

As Rebe was starting to feel a bit better she thought it was time to open a sweet shop,

She was open all afternoon and had quite a lot of visitors,

I hope they all remember to brush their teeth tonight!

While Joa napped and the older two were busy buying and selling sweets, I had a creative flash and managed to make all of our Christmas cards.

I don't know why but I can never bring myself to buy cards, but these were very simple and very quick and I think they came out very sweet :-)

We have also been thinking of and talking about St Nicholas who will come to visit tonight.

As a child in Germany this was another celebration that I remember so well. Another celebration that I bring with joy to my children; a little step closer to Christmas and a lovely story about remembering those who have nothing and how lovely it is to give when we have so much ourselves. Perhaps this is something I will make more of in years to come, but for now we have cleaned up our rooms and put our shoes outside our doors in the hope that he may pass and leave us gifts in the night.

Rebe, in her usual giving and creative way has left him a pile of gifts to say thank you :-)

I wonder will he leave anything in your shoe tonight?


  1. Oh Laura, I hope now you are all feeling better. It's so difficult, but we seem to always get sick this time of year too, right before Christmas, when we're so incredibly busy. .. we've been under the weather too.
    Your cards are perfect!!! You amaze me. Hugs to you, Mel

  2. Hi Mel, we're all on the mend thanks :-) I'm sure half of that is down to how well I am generally this year...thank you Ayurveda :-) Lovely to hear from you darling, hope you are all well x x