Thursday, December 8, 2011


'If, when they are small, children have a consistent sense of having their mothers being there when needed, as they grow older they learn to take in ever lasting love and can "remember" the feeling. This leads to the security of knowing that Mother loves you even when she's in the other room. Or at an office. As they grow, they feel safe away from their mothers as they realize that the feeling of 'mother' is really a feeling inside. They learn to love themselves not on the basis of something from outside but from inside, from their own resevoir of security, self-acceptance, and self-love. This inner security and happiness offers the basis for a lifetime of freedom from fears and stress.'

from A Woman's Best Medicine by Lonsdorf, Butler, Brown

I love this idea of 'mother' being a feeling inside. What do you think?


  1. This makes a lot of sense (and I just tried to put that book on hold at my local library but, sadly, they don't have it). I've had a really tough day with my 3.5-year old and this is just what I needed to hear (that hopefully by being so close and involved I am doing something right).

  2. Laura; this post is so touching to me today. Jake is 20 months old and stays right by my side all day. At times it seems to be too much but your post put it into a new light for me.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, that is really lovely to hear and it did the same for me. Joa is like something velcro'd to my leg at the moment ;-) I can't believe Jake is 20months...time has just flown! x x

  4. I love it too, Laura.
    And oh, how beautiful you are!