Friday, December 16, 2011

a delicate matter

Last night, with shaking hands I performed my most nerve wracking crafting. Lambie, Benny's special, was in severe need of facial surgery.
The patient
My surgical instruments
The result! I pulled it off :-)
I gave him some new skin over the top of his old skin and replaced his eyes and stitched on a new nose and mouth. I have managed to keep him looking about the same as he was before.
I hope his new face improves his behaviour somewhat! Benny tells me that at night when all the other specials go to the curls shop to get curls to knot into the children's hair Lambie stays at home in bed eating snotters. He also spends a good deal of the day time throwing himself violently around the house. Yesterday he threw himself at our poor old Christmas tree 5 times and knocked so many needles and decorations off that I had to send him out of the room to sit on the stairs until bedtime (where he probably sat and ate snotters).
Benny is delighted and Lambie's new face has been having lots of cuddles...and tea and banana cake.

I also wanted to show you the wreath that I finished today after the boys and I came back from our morning walk.
I'm pleased with how it came out. I'll certainly be making more of them in the future :-)
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a copy of JUNO magazine here.


  1. Dear Laura, you did a perfect job. I too have had to perform dolly surgery over the years- Ella has a lion she has had since she was a baby, and he has gone everywhere. She only recently stopped bringing him tucked in her backpack everywhere.
    SNOTTERS! HA! That Benny!
    <3 And yes, your wreath is beautiful, organic and real.
    Love Mel

  2. Bravo -- Lucky lamby to have such a skilled plastic surgeon! (and so glad you left a comment to say hello over at we bloom here... so nice to meet you... glad you found me!)