Friday, December 23, 2011

reindeer food and a giveaway winner

It is so warm and balmy here for the time of year. In fact it is hard to believe Christmas is so soon! Rebe is on holiday now and it is so wonderful to have her to ourselves and to have all of our jobs done and just free time ahead of us. To fill a few hours we thought we would go to the woods to find special reindeer food to leave for Santa tomorrow evening. We checked the fairy cave on the way, and what do you know there were 3 coins there. We left them in case they were someones wishes though.

We had a look at the waves from the cliff top, and stopped off at the beach,

playing a game of islands.

After that we got down to work gathering reindeer food. I didn't know anything about this, but luckily the kids did.

We needed to find a good moss tree

then find the thickest clumps of moss.

Reindeer like bracken too.

Then (quickly before mummy finds you) mix in some oats, honey and breakfast cereal.

Garnish with a carrot and leave where Santa is sure to find it and pass it on to the relevant reindeer.

We are going carol singing at our friends house later so we are going to have a quiet afternoon reading this and this and this and perhaps even watching a movie.

And now to our giveaway, thank you for all the comments it was lovely to get so many responses :-) We wrote out the numbers of the comments on pieces of paper and a little lady with a baby who came to visit kindly drew a number out of my Christmas stocking...

It is number 14....

that's you meli-mello. Please email me your address ( and I will post your copy of the Winter edition of JUNO to you :-)

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, I hope it is full of joy and wonder, magic and happiness
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  1. Don't know if you saw the great comment from Sesunarts on my blog re reindeer poo!

    And Leigh's email on reindeer gender -

    We're reading Santa Claus by Frank l Baum (the guy who wrote Wizard of Oz )? Our kids got it last year and I'm reading it to Meli - it really is magical, thought of you and your kiddies and that you might love it too

    happy Xmas - see you over the hols

  2. Oh my! Merry Christmas to me! I'll send off an e-mail soon. And I didn't know about the Reindeer food - we just left a carrot. Hope your Christmas day is/was wonderful.

  3. I hope Roodof enjoyed his treats! Your kids are the best- happy holidays to all of you!