Monday, January 16, 2012

a decision and a wee tip

First my wee tip: Do you know that time of day when you're trying to cook dinner, have a million pots on at the same time, the kids are cross and hungry, you are cross and hungry, everyone is driving everyone mad? Well here is a wee tip passed down to me from my dear mother...
Frozen peas, yup, it's as simple as that. Give them a wee handful, or an egg cup full of frozen peas and the peace will be it's another one of their 5 a day. Have you never tried frozen peas? Well you must and your kids will thank you for it.
All we are give peas a chance (sorry but it had to be done)

And now my decision... I have decided to get a pinny/overall/apron. Does that make me old...or just sensible? Because I am sick of looking like this....

I had this top on for less than an hour and Joa covered me with porridge and yoghurt, I am so tired of looking like a well used table cloth, so I am going to get an apron! Anyone any suggestions...anyone want to make one for me?

So we're all feeling better now, thank goodness, life is getting back to normal and I hope we will be out and about lots this week. I have been feeling slightly starved of adult company.

Look at this lovely yarn, I am still on the search for the ultimate rainbow yarn. The variation on the colour is actually going to make very wide stripes, so I can't use it, as intended for my dolls. It will make a sweet sweater though fo Joa maybe?

I also found a gorgeous, new scarf in a charity shop yesterday. Och I just can't leave hand knit things in charity shops, it breaks my heart.
It is a silk blend and just so soft and gorgeous (you're missing out person whom it was knitted for and just chucked it into the charity bag, I'm telling you!)

So I thought I'd unravel it and use it for something else, like this dolls hat.
hugs x


  1. Laura, I would love to send you a package that includes an apron. I have a large apron collection that I have gotten through the years at thrift stores and would love to share with you. Email me at

    1. how wonderfully kind of you and how exciting :-) will drop you a line now :-)

  2. You have been making so many cute things lately!
    I love aprons. I love making them, wearing them, looking at wonderful vintage ones. Aprons are a very good idea.

    1. Thanks renee :-) I have never been good about looking after my clothes, but I really feel it's time now (by baby number 3 doh), I think it would be a good way to mark the beginning and end of my housework chores too, the ceremonial putting on and taking off of the apron :-) x

  3. Glad you are all on the mend, Laura. Those yarns are beautiful. Good luck with wearing an apron. I am one of those with messy clothes!

  4. Hi Laura, I wear an apron, especially if I am wearing dark clothes. I have noticed that I have a habit of wiping my hands on myself tsk tsk, naughty Mama. I have been looking for a nice rainbow yarn too, what would you suggest.

    1. Hi Valerie, yes I wear dark clothes too, and there is certainly nothing worse than having wee ones with runny noses then! You can always tell a sling wearer by all the snotter down their back lol. The best ever rainbow wool so far is this one... but it only comes in a 4 ply...i've still to find a good dk.