Wednesday, January 11, 2012

from the camera

While we're all recovering from various ailments, I thought I'd share with you some randoms that didn't make it out of the camera yet... The sweetest picture by Rebe 'I love you daddy, I love you too Rebe'

It seems that Benny is by-passing drawing and going straight to writing. I showed him the day before how to draw a 'big B', the next day he sat down and made this 'thank you' card for his Uncle...

the gap

the charm brought by the tooth fairy

some of the wonderful books we got for Christmas that we're happily working our way through

a 'just because' cake, you know...just because

sledging down the hill in the back garden

pah who needs snow!

Joa being a dog. He loves this game. Look at the amusement in Rebe's face, now she has a 'real' dog!

dog food (in real life it's breakfast cereal) to our utter delight when he lifted his head one of the pieces of cereal had stuck to his upper lip with snotter. It was so funny we couldn't take a non- wobbly picture for laughing...but maybe you had to be there ;-)


  1. Lovely pictures of a very happy life! I love Mrs Armitage, we have all the books and my children never tire of them! There is a fun lesson/project here thats related to the book, we loved doing it! Hope you all feel better soon, and a very Happy New Year to you all.

    1. Hi Liz, that looks great fun, we'll have a go at that one I think :-)

  2. What sweet memories! We also have no snow- just rain. It is almost cold enough for snow but not quite. It is really annoying :( Let me know how you all like the books. I am always looking for new recommendations.

    1. Hi Nicole, all the books are fab, we really love the brave cowboy, he even looks like a waldorf doll, it is a lovely simple book about play, shirley hughes is my biggest inspiration and can never get enough of her. Janosch is wonderful, we read it when we lived in Germany as kids and I was delighted to find the translation on amazon, the kids love it! You choose is a great 'looking book' and Beatrix Potter is a big favourite in our house at the moment. x

  3. Cool photos, great book selection, cheers Marie