Friday, January 27, 2012

some random stuff and giveaway winner

Our last few days have been lovely and busy: Buddies, playgroup and some very full afternoons of baking that I will tell you more about tomorrow. Our nights have been quite disturbed with one thing (or person) and another waking us, but I know it will pass and to be as patient as I can be.
But to cheer me up is some more wonderful enamelware that I ordered from Kool Kids Kitchenware and arrived a few days ago:
little milk pan
This little bowl was a MUST for Benny! And look what my dear, kind sister in law got for me, for no reason other than she's completely lovely:
eek, I love it :-)

Benny has been busy, painting (as you've seen) and he made himself this wonderful tree costume:

He's certainly the most beautiful tree I have ever seen :-)

I have also been making dolls. Yay for that! I actually have quite a lot of orders at the moment. I thought that things would slow down and that the rush was just for Christmas, but I have some really special projects on the go at the moment, including lots of sibling dolls which makes me smile and smile to think about.

I just finished this wee snuggle buddy last night. S/he is a custom order and special in that it is vegan. The person it is for has an allergy to sheep's wool so we needed to find an alternative and I decided to try Egyptian cotton. Do you know what? Although it wasn't as easy to use it gives the head and hands a great firmness and the doll has a gorgeous weight. I'm not sure how it would work making limbs of a full sized dressable doll, but I'm sure at some point I'll give it a go.

And now to the giveaway. I used the random number generator and the winner is.....

NUMBER 18.... That's you Julie. If you email me ( we can get it sent out to you. Congratulations :-)

On a wee side note Julie has a really lovely blog and hosts a really fab giveaway almost weekly so I am delighted that she is getting something back herself.

I actually wrote this post in a few grabbed moments yesterday and I'm sorry about the delay in posting it, but we had a busy afternoon and then a very early night.

I will come back later and tell you about our baking and busy afternoon.

Well done Julie and thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway :-)


  1. Who would have thought that cotton would work as well?! Great job on the doll, I love the green. You're right too, Benny is an adorable tree!

    1. I was suprised too, I thought it wouldn't give such a firm head, but if anything it is firmer. hugs x

  2. HI Laura. I wanted to let you know that the cup came just a couple of days ago and I gave it to my little one for her birthday today.She loves it! Thank you again!