Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my friends farm

Just look at this view:

I am so, so fortunate to live here and have this to look at out of my kitchen window! It makes me feel so happy!

The boys are still under the weather unfortunately (and if Rebe's grumpiness is anything to go by then she's not feeling 100% either). In fact both boys are on yet another anti-biotic for ear infections poor old things.

We have been at home a lot over the last few days. Joa is at a very trying age at the moment. He just wants to be big, and is so very frustrated when I don't let him. I read this great article last week and it reminded me about not putting myself in the constant position of saying 'no' and 'don't' and 'stop it' to him. I find being so negative constantly quite exhausting. Instead I am trying to re-direct Joa; to find him things that he can do. Mostly this means washing-up:

both boys would quite happily stay like this for hours, but it does usually mean ending up like this...
I think someone else is in need of a pinny ;-)

I am also trying to slow down. Instead of rushing through my 'to-do' list I stop and think what parts of it can Joa do? I breathe and calm myself. Instead of thinking of the 101 things that I would like to rush off and do if I can only get this washing on, or dishes done, I stop and I live in the moment. OK (breathe) now we are doing the dishes (breathe). I am doing it with my family, it is good(breathe), it is fun (breathe) , I can watch this little boy learn (breathe). He feels useful and important (breathe), he is happy (breathe)...we are happy (exhale).
But this really only works if I take the time to stop rushing through these jobs. If I take the time to remember that everything is a game to Joa, and can be to me.

So, after spending 30 minutes loading (and reloading) the dish washer this morning, we went to visit my dear, lovely friend and her kids.

She has just recently moved into her husband's family home. It is a very old house on a farm, it is just so beautiful and we had a wonderful morning being shown around :-)

the door bell

the front garden, Benny spotted the sheep

oh snowdrops :-)
Bramble and Joa loved each other
the orchard...where I am going to live

where Benny is going to live :-)

It was so much fun and they are such a special family to spend time with. I'm so lucky to have friends such as these.

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  1. What a gorgeous farm (and place to live), lucky you!

  2. I am also in a stage of 'no' with Jonas. I am trying to break out of it as well. It seems everyone in blogland is sick- or their kids are! I love your view and your friend's farm. I really would love to move in with her, haha! Absolutely beautiful!

    1. I saw on your blog that you're sick too, get better soon. I want to live with her too...but I think he house is getting a little crowded lol x

  3. Oh my - I'm right there with Fionnuala too! We spend A LOT of time doing the dishes these days and as we don't have a dishwasher there are always a lot of dishes to be done. I need to slow down too because I find that I rush through breakfast so I can get the dishes done before she is out of her high chair and then don't have to deal with her trying to help me. And really, what is the big deal? She gets so much enjoyment out of it. I loved your little paragraph about breathing through it. :) It is so tough for the little ones isn't it? Fionnuala gets so mad when we leave Moira at preschool because she wants to stay and lately she is adament that she can get her boots on herself (which, sadly, she really can't) and so I end up carrying her frustrated body into the car and putting them on there.


    1. HI Melanie, it is hard for them, and not easy for us mama's too to give them that time to be as big as they would like. I read a really great book a while ago called Hidden Messages or some such, that gave the great advice about taking the time to let your kids be and feel useful, that it will set them in good stead for when they are older. It was a really inspiring read, I must try and re-read it sometime x

  4. I forget some times I can make chores fun with the kids. Mine do like to get involved when they can and yesterday saw Gaia requesting the hoover to tiidy daddy's room becaue it was messy!
    What a beautiful place you live - and your friends farm is gorgeous tooo - I daydream of places like these :)
    Much love x

    1. Oh go Gaia, that's great :-) this is the stuff we should be encouraging. I di live in a beautiful place I am so lucky. thanks x x