Sunday, January 22, 2012

our weekend...

...has been like this...

Picnicking in the garden.Lots of Lego. This is my farm that Rebe made for me.
My wee sheep in case I need some more wool.

Here I am with my knitting, do you see the ball of blue wool waiting to be used?
Rebe, Benny and Andy spent about 3 hours building this rocket yesterday. Isn't it magnificent? It even has a post box :-)
There's been water play
Experiments.Lots of gardening in the green house...
he he I bet you were fooled and thought that was the real Andy didn't you!
but there are seeds going into the earth and dreams of good summer eating straight from the garden.
The boat is also getting a fresh coat of paint and is looking smart, ready to catch us lots more fish this year.
and of course I've been making. I have lots of new and exciting custom orders and I am really enjoying working on them :-)
Hope you've been having a wonderful, restful, playful weekend too :-)


  1. Oh I love your green house, boat, and the legos! I am dreaming of our garden this summer. I hope I am recovered enough after the baby comes to help make it a success! I need to start some seed indoors soon.
    I hope your weekend continues to be lovely! ;)

  2. lego is great and love the lego greenhouse with flowers. very cute! Great rocket BTW!!! WOW!!!!