Friday, September 28, 2012

another one of those 'bits and pieces' posts...

I'm still not back into the taking pictures and blogging groove, but here are a few bits and pieces:
 An Angel fairy I made as an exchange for some gorgeous enamelware. She is designed to go atop a Christmas tree, so she has no legs under her 3 layers of dress. She has felt wings that I painted with gold fabric paint.
 Perhaps I will make one for our own tree too, I really like how she came out.
 Our first fire of the year, the kids really enjoyed it and were delighted to be able to eat their dinner of home made pizza in front of it.
 A rainbow baby I finished and who is on his way to be hidden away until his new mama turns 4...
 but he did get enough cuddles to last him until then!
 To my honor and joy I was awarded this trophy for being a great mum. Sadly the photographer on the day was a good foot and a half too short to get a proper picture.

We have been so so busy of late, September has slipped by in an instant. We seem to be forever going to and from school, it seems no sooner than we get up than the day is done and we are heading upstairs to begin the bedtime routine.
This week we have had something on everyday, so I was so glad to have time at home with the boys today (well apart from the school run of course). We spent most of the morning putting the garden to bed.
 The green house was looking like this.
 Completely wild and untamed.. So I set about clearing everything and tidying it up and getting ready for perhaps a little bit of winter greens (any ideas and tips much appreciated!), but mainly getting ready to allow it to rest. As we worked I gave thanks in my heart for all the wonderful food we received, but I mainly gave thanks and of course felt a terrible ache. Because this is Andy's green house, he built it and stocked it and loved it, and here it is...without him. That's hard.
 But I did my best and I looked up a few things online about things that may grow ok over winter that we will use and eat. I'm thinking lettuce, chard and spinach as well as some herbs?

 I also strung up a tarp over the mud kitchen so that it can be used in all weathers. I'm not sure that my DIY skills are particularly great, and it may blow away in the first wee breeze... but then maybe it won't.
 Right now I am looking forward to the weekend. Meeting a dear friend, even just for a hug. Knitting. Running. Reading Pippi Longstockings with the kids. Pinterest (I'm so new to it I can't seem to spell it right lol). And no school run.
Hope you have a wonderful peaceful weekend x

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