Friday, September 21, 2012

'Children of the Forest' Doll

'All the children wore red-and-white spotted caps. If strangers came into the forest, they curled up, still as stone, for all the world like four red-and-white spotted mushrooms. But most of the time they were perfectly safe. Then they played hide and seek with the squirrels, who lived upstairs in the tree'.
Elsa Beskow, Children of the Forest

 This is my very first dolls house sized doll. I am so pleased with her. She has a head made of cotton interlock stuffed with sheep's wool, she has embroidered eyes and mouth and teeny, tiny nose. Her hair is a beautiful soft mohair knit into a cap and firmly stitched on to her head, then brushed out and plaited into 2 tiny bunches.
 Her body, arms and legs are completely bendable and pose-able and she can stand all by herself.
 She is about 4 inches tall (this is only a guess really... I simply can't find a ruler in my house) and she is wearing little cotton bloomers and smock and of course her red-and-white spotted hat.

 I am so excited about her, she is a little gift for someone I know who is very sick and for me this is the best way to say 'I care'. But I am really looking forward to making more dolls of this size and I know for sure that I can go ahead with the dolls house idea for my own kids for Christmas this year!!
Oh the love of tiny things :-)


  1. I love her to bits!. I love her hair, her face, her hat, her outfit, her little shoes. Great great job.

  2. She's amazing! Such tiny and perfect details. Great job, Laura! (:

  3. Oh my goodness, she is perfect! I love her!
    I love the way her body language matches the body language of the children of the forest.

    and yes.... oh for the love of tiny things!

    and we are going to buy this book and read it over and over again....we didn't know about the children of the forest.

    Laura, you are so wonderfully creative!

  4. Oh, I love her so much!! You did such a wonderful job on her!

  5. Its a wonderfull litle "girl" you have made!!!

  6. she is wonderful, my daughter loves that book. x

  7. Possibly the cutest thing I have EVER seen, I love the picture of her reading the story, its soooooooooooooo heart flippingly cute,
    You are awesome :)

  8. Oh she is adorable! Please, if you start making these to sell, let me know :-)

  9. Oh, that sweet little thing clearly fell right on out of that book. Looks like she plans to stay.

  10. She is so sweet! I can't get over how much expression she has! Your photos are gorgeous too, especially where she is looking up at the book.
    I'm so sorry your little friend is not well, I know this little doll will raise her spirits!
    ~ joey ~

  11. dear all, thank you for your lovely and kind messages of encouragement and support. Why are there not more crafting hours in the day!!!

  12. Laura, I just cannot stand it- this doll is incredible! I can't wait to show Ella!

    1. thanks Mel... there is a wee man on his way to you :-) x

  13. Ohhh so adorable, you are so talented. Beautiful.

  14. she is so very very very sweet!