Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buddies ~ weather

***In September 2011 6 families got together and started Buddies Home School. Each week we meet in each other's home and follow a simple rhythm: movement and music, craft/ baking, snack time, free play and story time. Each part of the session is led by a different family. We are sharing this week's session with you here...***

This week's Buddies was all about weather. 
I was leading the music and movement to begin our session. We started singing some weather songs that we knew.
The Sun has got his hat on...
Rain, rain go away...
This is the way we wash our face...
and thanks to little O, we also had the rainbow song.
I also made up a little song about wind to the tune of 'the run away train':

The little blue wind went over the hill and she blew, she blew.
The little blue wind went over the hill and she blew, she blew.
The little blue wind went over the hill, put on your coat or you'll catch a chill and she blew blew blew blew blew.

Next I pulled out my laundry basket that I had filled with various hats and coats, wellies, sunhats etc and we talked about which clothes you would wear in what weather.
 The children really embraced it and were very talkative about weather and their experiences of it. A few of them were remembering the snow of a few years ago and told us what that was like and even what they were wearing.

After that Roisin led a brilliant craft activity making weather dials.
 First we painted white rain drops onto small sheets of green card.

 Then we drew suns onto yellow card

 On grey card we drew clouds that had little puffs of wind in them.

 Roisin had prepared silver snow flakes/ frost in advance so the next job for the Buddies was to carefully cut out all of their weather pictures.

 Next the four weather pictures were glued onto a paper plate.

 The mummy's helped to add the red arrow which is fastened with one of those butterfly clips (or whatever they are called)

 Lastly each weather dial had a lovely bright lace so we can hang them by the window,
 The Buddies were oh so proud of them!
This week was the first time that Joa joined in with the craft from start to finish following the activity. He was so busy and it was really lovely to see him being one of the big kids :-)
 After snack time the kids went out to play. Susan asked them if they would check and see if the hens had laid any eggs,
 so they checked,
 and checked

and checked...
 and checked again and found 3 eggs (that Benny was very proudly allowed to bring home and that he cooked into scrambled eggs for our lunch).
 Zoe ended the session (in a tag team effort with Roisin) reading this story...
it was a truly sunny session :-)


  1. Little Miss Sunshine! Gah! My boys love Mr Tickle and the Dragon. I can't even count how many times I've read that book in the last week alone. (:

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so many photos of the children ...... for a moment I felt like I was there, with all their wonderful energy.
    Good work Moms! (is it all Moms?)