Saturday, September 22, 2012


What a beautiful day!
 Today we celebrated the autumn equinox and from beginning to end it was just wonderful. 
I started the day with a bed full of little Angels, chattering and showering me with their love and affection. Then I spent nearly half an hour doing sun salutations. I have never before done yoga with the kids around. When I am doing yoga I like to be able to loose myself, to focus on the breath and the movement, and dislike being dragged out of my moment by squabbling kids. But this morning I found a great solution. I put on this song on the computer in the front room. The kids love it and are drawn to it and so were very happy to sit and listen (and get all the books of the shelves), while I spent the whole 20 odd minutes doing sun salutations. What better way to start a day celebrating the gifts of the sun!

After that we headed off out to the woods to gather some of natures goodies; fallen leaves, acorns, hazelnuts helicopters and sticks

 oh peace and fresh air
 and light, glorious light
 Home again we ate soup from veggies from our own harvest and made this simple wreath for the front door:
A friend watched the kids while I did a 5km run along the estuary and this evening we went to an Autumn Equinox celebration that we have been so blessed to join for the last 3 years now.

I am so grateful for the gifts this world gives us!


  1. You sound like you had a splendid day full of balance of taking care of yourself as well as your children. To me, that would qualify as an amazing day.

  2. Oh what a happy day. I hope every day brings this much joy. xxxx

    1. finding it Amy...certainly looking for it. love to you, miss you all x x

  3. your woods are just gorgeous! I love the wreath