Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a walk in the woods

it was a beautiful spring day, the boys and I decided to take a stroll in the woods after working in the garden.
 the scent of wild garlic was everywhere
 bluebells about to burst into colour
 we made bubbles in the woods
 and I collected some of the wild garlic with a thought to quiche or pesto
 we greeted our neighbours
 and explored some nooks and crannies
 found that a second shop had opened along the path
it was lovely, how lucky we are to have these woods on our door step to pop in and out of as we please.


  1. What a fabulous woods to have on your door step. I discovered wild garlic in our local park but no idea what to do with it.

    1. hi cerys, yes we are so lucky to have it right on our doorstep. wild garlic is gorgeous made into pesto, the quiche was lovely, garlic bread or raw in salads. you can eat the whole thing too flower, leaves and bulbs :-)