Sunday, May 26, 2013

garden goddess

Yesterday my dear friend and soul sister Lucy came to visit us with her kids. We played on the beach for most of the day and the kids cooked us soup for dinner.
 They decided to stay over so the four older kids all camped out on the playroom floor while the 2 wee ones were put to bed upstairs. This left Lucy and I deliciously free to talk for hours. I love spending time with Lucy, she is so awesome and creative and so full of colour and energy. I always feel inspired when I am with her. She left this morning as I was taking the kids to Andy and when I came home I really felt I wanted to paint.
 This wall at the end of the garden seemed like it was needing some colour and I had the idea to paint a garden goddess to watch over our garden and all the wonderful and exciting things growing (and playing) in it this year.
The wall overlooks the green house and the whole length of the garden.
 I borrowed the kids poster paints (for want of anything else) and got started.
 I had a break for lunch, paint on my feet. I painted for about 3 hours...

 my garden goddess, a work in progress
 I really enjoyed myself and got lost in time
I may come back and work again on her some more, or I may just wait for the rain to wash her off and see what happens. Either way it was a lovely way to spend the morning and give thanks to and honor the earth mother for our garden and my own creativity.


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    1. ach thank you :-) The kids were delighted, well Rebe and Benny who said 'oh it's mother earth', Joa on the other hand stood under her for a while, contemplating, then turned and said 'she's scary' oh well lol!

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    1. thanks Julie, I think I'd like to do a little more painting yet, but not sure how many garden walls I can spare ;-)

  3. What a lovely post to read and to see your art too, pity she's a poster paint goddess, she'd make a great permanent fixture.

    1. not sure what the landlady would say about that lol! I quite like the fact that she is pretty organic and will change with the weather, thank you though for your kind words x

  4. Oh Laura, she is beautiful! So are you!

  5. Adoring her Laura. She is beautiful and strong.

    1. thank you Lucy, you always inspire me so much x x x