Monday, May 27, 2013

work and play

Morning games, dressing up

essential items for this character

Benny found this armadillo in our garden..didn't know there were armadillo's in  Ireland, it now lives in an old  fruit tray in the kitchen

watching fairies on the ceiling

car play

a box of beautiful handmade soaps that I got in part exchange for a doll

You can find her shop here: Not So Fancy Soaps. I really can recommend them!!

new jars we found for taking yoghurt to school

a horse in the stable

making biscuits

dear, nutty Joa

decorating biscuits for pudding

amateur shoe repair

Good and busy and happy, that's how I like my days :-)

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  1. Your children have such wonderful imagination! I am smiling at these simple, happy, precious little moments of your day. Thank you for sharing them!