Wednesday, May 8, 2013

some moments from the may bank holiday

the bank holiday was a good mix of at home time, visiting friends and wandering around the village

 Rebe is really keen to be in the kitchen, on her own, cooking and baking. She made these cookies all by herself (a love heart for me, a dogger for Joa and of course an armadillo for Benny). She also cooked breakfast for the boys a few times, eggs and porridge.
 I finished off another doll, this one is an exchange for some beautiful handmade soap from this shop. I can't wait to try it :-)
 there was some pleine eire painting
 Rebe has for some time been drawn to cursive handwriting and for the past few days I have been teaching her
 wild garlic- bread...yummy!
 lettuce in the green house ready to eat
 a game born out of boredom and inspired by Mrs Tiggywinkle
 and Dame Washalot (or Mr Washalot Benny prefers)
 some of us didn't quite get the game but enjoyed the getting wet
 2 cutlass mum the pirate chief, by Benny
lots of eggs by Joa
With all the business I was wiped out on Monday so took it easy, the kids stayed in pj''s all day, they watched some movies and I relaxed and read.

Hope you had a good bank holiday too :-)


  1. glad to see you are still reading it! it seems we've managed to leave the blog by the side of the road for now... sometimes life flows away from your plans! ;) but it's still one of our favorites. ~Kristin

    1. i noticed you guys were quiet, yes really enjoying it, think it will be one of those I re-read :-) love to you and yours x x

  2. Beautiful weekend! I love your little Tiggywinkle/Washalots! xoxox