Friday, May 24, 2013

shopping...putting my money where my mouth is

For such a long time now I have been thinking about how we eat, what we eat and how I shop. In fact I posted about it here, in December 2010, and I have to say that since then not an awful lot has changed until recently. We don't eat badly, I cook every meal from scratch and we would not have many processed foods in our diet, but there are some and we haven't been eating organic foods where we could.
I mentioned previously that I have gone back to being vegetarian again, and the kids are pretty much veggie now too. This means that a big part of my weekly food budget has opened up.
I watched a series of 3 really interesting documentaries of late that have inspired my decision to bite the bullet and put my money where my mouth is.
So, after a fair bit of planning over the past week, armed with a menu plan and a shopping list Joa and I headed off to the farmers market. 
 We bought all the veggies on our list, fresh, organic and where possible all grown very locally.
 We bought locally grown honey and some organic staples there that were on offer. Then we stocked up on the other essentials on our list at the health food store.
 I also spent part of this week's budget on some more plants for the garden. Cucumbers, tomatoes, basil
 and lots of strawberries.
I have found there is a whole food wholesaler within an hour or so drive from here and I am hoping to be able to stock up on our daily use items such a spelt flour, apple cider vinegar, coffee etc once every few months.
Between this and what I am growing in the garden now and hope to be able to preserve I am hoping that my budget will allow us to eat mostly organic whole foods. This all feels right and exciting to me. I am sure that there will be a transition time until I no longer need to think about this too much and it becomes second nature. But I am feeling good to be putting my money where my mouth is! It is an experiment and I will keep you posted on it.

I do have another little item of shopping to show you...

 We found this brilliant spoon for 10c in a charity shop!
 I sort of wished I kept it to give to Joa on his Birthday next month, but I was just too excited and forgot.
My little kitchen alter inspired by this wonderful book : sweet, organic peaches ripening on the window sill. My candle, my own light and a little wooden summer gnome made by the wonderful Melissa (will find the link to her shop for you).

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  1. I feel the same way as you do. Many times I find it hard to get to the market vs. the store. I also LOVED Forks over Knives. We been slowly making changes too. I hope you all are well, inside and out. I think of you often!

  2. Thanks for sending me the link to this blog post - it inspired my I Quit Blog Fiesta post for this month!

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