Wednesday, May 22, 2013

like mother like daughter

 A few weeks ago Rebe starting learning the tin whistle at school. I made her a felt embroidered case to keep her whistle in. Her class mates liked it and Rebe offered to make one for a class mate...
 (sorry about the bad picture) but it is beautiful, so detailed and she stitched the child's initials along the top.
 the following day she came home with this list, everyone in her class wants her to make them a tin whistle case. Like mother, like daughter :-)
 me and the wee man, just because
 Benny's hair cut, he sneaked off while I was helping Rebe with her home work and cut his own hair. He loves it :-)
Joa is really enjoying drawing at the moment, he's filling in the detail here of a wee person I drew.


  1. How clever, making that beautiful case. xx

    1. she is isn't she, we've just been working on one as a gift for a class mate's birthday too, beats a fiver in a card!

  2. Oh I love Rebe's new venture :D

  3. I love the case! Very cute! I can't wait until my daughter can learn an instrument! Come check out my blog when you get the chance :)

  4. Oh Laura, what a loving, giving, creative girl you've got!
    I love the photo of you and your boy- you look so beautiful. HUGS Mel

  5. You're both very talented, I never thought of this but I now I want to make one for my daughter. The rocket and the UFO are delightful.

  6. thank you :-) I love making things like this, they are lovely too in that they are useful, happy crafting :-)