Monday, July 22, 2013

Jack ~ No Ordinary Cat

While we were visiting her in Bristol my mum gifted us a copy of this book.
It is a kids version of 'A Street Cat Named Bob', a really beautiful story about how Bob the cat and James, a homeless musician found each other and became the best of friends. The kids and I are really enjoying it, Bob is such a character and follows James everywhere, even on the bus!!! So imagine how utterly delighted they were when our cat Jack (a stray who adopted us in the winter and has never left) decided to accompany us on a fishing trip...
 Benny has been imagining that Jack is actually Bob's brother, and by the looks of things he may well be right!
 He waited for us at the top of the little beach to catch something for his supper.
 The kids did their best...
 Jack ventured down to join us on the beach
 the kids tried harder, but no fish were being netted
 in the end Jack went over to see what the hold up was, we still didn't catch anything, not even a tiny tiddler so we headed back home to give him a tin of cat food instead.

(in the name of honesty here I have to add that Benny was getting cranky, he was hungry and tired, he picked jack up and walked towards the sea with him, with the full intention of chucking him in I think, I shouted for him not too, Jack ran off and Benny got upset...and we haven't seen Jack since!)

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